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ビジネス再開の条件:County Variance Info

1. ビジネス再開のフェーズ


Stage 0: エッセンシャルビジネス

Stage 1: Everyone is either staying at home or a member of the essential workforce

Stage 2: Non-essential manufacturing (toys, furniture, clothing, etc.), Schools, Childcare facilities, Retail businesses for curbside pick-up, Offices where working remotely isn't possible, but can be modified to make the environment safer for employees

Stage 3: Hair salons, Nail salons, Gyms, Movie theaters, Sporting events without live audiences, In-person religious services (churches and weddings)

Stage 4: Ending the stay-at-home order, which would allow for the reopening of: Concert venues, Convention centers, Sporting events with live audiences

Phase 0: エッセンシャルビジネス

Phase 1: Stay Home

Curbside retail for goods and services with minimal contact, including takeout and deliveryOutdoor businesses All construction with protocols for small and large projects Hotels, hospitality, and short-term rentals for first responders and homeless, for isolation and quarantine rooms, and as needed for essential travel and other activities that the health order permits Office: all non-essential employees must continue working from home

Phase 2: Small Activities

Non-essential manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics with fewer than 50 onsite employees Non-essential curbside retail for goods, outdoor equipment rental, and limited contact services with fewer than 10 onsite employees Elective surgeries and dental appointments Limited private household outdoor services like a gardener or landscaping Virtual appointments for real estate, but limited in-person appointments where there are no occupants Professional sports practices only with approved plan, including regular testing Office: all non-essential employees must continue working from home Daycare and preschools with stable groups of up to 10 to 12, and in-home care Botanical gardens Outdoor historical sites Outdoor museums Dog parks Parks, beaches, and skate parks Golf, with limits Tennis (singles-only outside a household) with no shared equipment Outdoor dining including restaurants and bars serving food Indoor retail (but no enclosed shopping malls) All curbside retail All manufacturing, warehouse and logistics with no limit on the number of on-site personnel subject to social distancing Non-emergency medical appointments (see guidance in health directive) All private indoor household services like cooks and house cleaners Office: all non-essential employees must continue working from home Summer camps with stable groups of up to 12 Small outdoor gatherings, including religious services and ceremonies Outdoor fitness with social distancing Professional sports and other entertainment for broadcast but with no in-person spectators, under approved plans SF Zoo and Gardens will open to the general public, with safety plans in place

Phase 3: Larger Activities

Indoor malls (if also allowed by the State) Offices for non-essential employees (if also allowed by the State) Hotels, hospitality, and short-term rentals (if also allowed by the State) Gyms and fitness centers Limited indoor leisure like movie theaters, billiards, and bowling alleys Nonessential healing arts All other personal services like indoor personal training, permanent makeup, and piercing Indoor bars without food Public schools, academic year begins (SFUSD begins fall with distancing learning) Other schools, including primary, secondary, and higher education Basketball courts Playgrounds Indoor swimming pools Indoor tennis

Phase 4: Full Reopening

Phase 4 will be the full reopening of our economy. We will remove all social distancing limits and other restrictions related to the COVID-19 response.



“BACK TO WORK” Ordinance (従業員100名以上の企業が対象)


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3. リソース

掲示物:COVID-19 Poster SF.GOV  Santa Clara County Public Health

配布物:Social Distancing Protocol 問診 (体調確認)

ベネフィット/雇用関連:Resources for Employers and Workers

お役立ち情報:COVID-19 Updates California Employers Association

感染者データ:Statewide Case Statistics

Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (食品業界:従業員500名以上の企業が対象): ガイダンス 掲示物 FAQ

報告義務 (Log 300):フォーム FAQ ガイダンス  Santa Claraの報告フォーム

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