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ビジネス再開の条件:County Variance Info

1. ビジネス再開のフェーズ


Stage 0:  エッセンシャルビジネス

Stage 1:  Everyone is either staying at home or a member of the essential workforce

Stage 2:  Non-essential manufacturing (toys, furniture, clothing, etc.), Schools, Childcare facilities, Retail businesses for curbside pick-up, Offices where working remotely isn't possible, but can be modified to make the environment safer for employees 

Stage 3:  Hair salons, Nail salons, Gyms, Movie theaters, Sporting events without live audiences, In-person religious services (churches and weddings)

Stage 4:  Ending the stay-at-home order, which would allow for the reopening of: Concert venues, Convention centers, Sporting events with live audiences

Stage 0:  エッセンシャルビジネス

Stage 1:  Safer at Home Order Planning for Recovery 

Stage 2:  Florists, some retailers, car dealerships, golf courses and trails, Other low-risk businesses (manufacturers, offices, retail) •  Essential health care • Outdoor recreation and libraries • Museums, cultural centers, galleries 

Stage 3:  Higher-risk businesses (body art, massage, bars/ nightclubs)• Movie theatres and bowling alleys • K-12 Schools • Colleges and universities 

Stage 4:  Highest risk businesses (entertainment venues) • Large conventions • Sporting and spectator events 

Stage 5:  Fully normal operations 


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2. リソース

掲示物:COVID-19 Poster Public Health

ベネフィット/雇用関連:Resources for Employers and Workers

お役立ち情報:COVID-19 Updates COVID-19: Information for Business California Employers Association

感染者データ:Statewide Case Statistics

Supplemental Paid Sick Leave  (食品業界:従業員500名以上の企業が対象): ガイダンス 掲示物 FAQ

報告義務 (Log 300):フォーム FAQ

3. ニュース

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