New Jersey

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ニュース (在ニューヨーク日本国総領事館)

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Stage 1: Restrictions relaxed on low-risk activities if appropriately safeguarded. New Jersey is currently in this stage. Phased-in activities include State and county parks, non-essential construction, curbside retail, drive-in activities, beaches, and elective surgeries.

Stage 2: Restrictions are relaxed on additional activities that can be easily safeguarded.

Stage 3: Restrictions are relaxed on most activities with significant safeguarding.

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お役立ちサイト: Employers Association of New Jersey

感染者データ:NJ COVID-19 Dashboard

NEW:州外からの旅行者の外出禁止 (6/25)

NY・NJ・CTの3州が一部の州から来る人に対して、2週間のQuarantine (外出禁止)を課す事になった。8/4の時点の対象州は35エリアとなっている。

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失業保険:26週間 + 13週間 + 20週間の合計59週間となっている

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